Doe Deere of Lime Crime Cosmetics is the Queen of Unicorn

Commonly known as the queen of the unicorn, Doe Deere has cemented her name as a brand in the entire cosmetics industry. As a lover of colors and passionate about makeup, Deere was born in Russia. However, she decided to move to New York, a city most people consider to be full of entrepreneurial opportunities. In New York, she majored in fashion design and has since become one of the world’s most admired businesswomen. This is in light of her career as the owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics.


What is Lime Crime Cosmetics?


Lime Crime Cosmetics is a company known for its wild colors. For makeup lovers who want to stand out, this is the right makeup line for you as it is known for manufacturing bold lashes and shades coupled with high-quality ingredients. Lime Crime is also adored by beauty technicians, bloggers, fashion lovers, models and designers in different industries. Even essential to note is the fact this makeup line is a proud manufacturer of 100% cruelty-free makeup. Besides, the company also believes in the health benefits of using natural ingredients to manufacture lipstick. Therefore, there is a vegan brand of cosmetics as well. Well, even for people who have demanding jobs that require formal clothing at work, Lime Crime Cosmetics offers the ethical representation through its various options.


Lime Crime Is Born


From 2008 when Doe Deere established this makeup line, she has been a trendsetter. Some of the products she supplies through Lime Crime Cosmetics include lipstick, eye-shadow, and rainbow-colored liners, lip gloss and loose pigments to eyelashes.




In an interview with Inspirery, Doe Deere was asked how she started her entrepreneurial journey. Here is what she had to say; Deere first ventured into fashion design and launched a clothing line online. From there, she expanded her horizons to eBay then created her first digital store. In less than one year, she had started accumulating substantial sales.


Sales Increase


The increased sales motivated her to look into some new business idea. That is how she ventured into cosmetics. Of course, being the smart lady from a world-class institution, Deere carried out some research on the current trends and the unique features she could incorporate into her brand. That way, she was sure of coming up with a unique brand. Well, the idea worked for her.


Her Growth


Still, in the interview, Deere is perceived as a keen listener and an observer. As a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she was interested in different units within the same discipline. She says that she learned the current marketing trends from her lessons in school. However, she had her doubts when she was starting her business. This is in light of the continuously changing trends in the businesses.


The Overview


Surprisingly, Doe Deere started her cosmetics career through a YouTube channel. She first did her makeup then uploaded the video coupled with tutorials. Because people liked her tutorials, she gained a massive following. At the same time, she held online contests under different titles. That is how she knew that she was in fact on the right track of business.


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Being Ahead of the Technology Curve With Lori Senecal

In any market and industry, success depends largely on one’s ability to stay ahead of the competition. This would mean looking at the market and identifying trends. One thing that people need to understand when getting into business is that there is a lot more to it than just selling a product or a service. One has to figure out what types of products are in demand. There are plenty of factors that one needs to consider before deciding on what to promote and advertise. For one thing, a product that has been available for a while is less likely to sell than the product that has just recently been released. For more details visit Crunchbase.




According to Lori Senecal, it is important to be ahead of the trend when it comes to advertising. In order to be ahead of the trend, it is important for people to know what is being used most of the time. After all, people have to be reached in order for them to buy something. Therefore, while it is good to advertise on the internet, it is important to have these items optimized for the mobile phone so that people who access the internet from their devices will be able to have the best experience.


One thing that Lori Senecal understands is that most people are going to access the internet from their mobile phones. For one thing, this is the platform that people can take with them. They can also access their phones more easily than with even a tablet. Therefore, mobile optimization is one of the best choices to make for users that are trying to get some kind of successful online business going. Advertising for mobile users is one of the best ways to get sales in that people are not only using mobile phones for the internet, but also for shopping and buying items. You can follow their Twitter page.



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Securus Technologies Assisting in Restricting the Use of Contraband Phones

Securus Technologies is a company that is built on quality and innovation, and as a leading correctional firm in the United States, it has contributed a lot to the sector. Securus Technologies has not only built some of the best correctional technologies but has also ensured that the customers get value for money and complete satisfaction. One of the new services that the company recently launched is the wireless containment solution, which would help the prison authorities to keep the contraband phones away from the facility. As the use of contraband phones is prohibited in prison, it is natural for the authorities to try and find ways to keep contraband phones at bay from the correctional facilities. Since the contraband phones can be used to organize many criminal activities and allow the inmates to get in touch with their people outside the prison, it can cause severe problems for the prison officials and the society as a whole.


Securus Technologies’ wireless containment solutions are the only such technology that is accepted and approved currently by the authorities. The FCC has promised that it would soon ease the load of paperwork and formalities needed to install wireless containment solutions in more prisons. Recently, there was a video that went viral on the internet. It was a video that was taken by an inmate on his contraband phone, which he later posted on Facebook. It was embarrassing for the prison authorities, but also revealed the scale to which the contraband phones menace has reached. Securus Technologies wants to ensure that the illegal communications from the prison facilities are restricted because it is how a safer environment can be promised for the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers. But, it is not just sharing the videos online; the contraband phones have also been used to organize murders and that too of the prison officials who did not meet the demands of the inmates. It is no hidden fact that the inmates sometimes blackmail the prison officials and force them to do something for them. Since the officials know that they do not have any option, they have to do it fearing for the lives of their family members.


The wireless containment system developed by Securus Technologies is an advanced system that has seemed to stop all doors for the inmates to use the contraband phones for their illegal activities. Since only pre-approved numbers can make calls through their network, all the contraband cell phones are useless inside the prison. More prisons are in line waiting for the installation of the system and have already created a panic mode among the inmates after they have come to know what the new system can do.



Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a Tanzanian by birth. The physician who was born in 1950 undertook his basic education in his home country. A few years later, the parents of the successful entrepreneur migrated to the USA in search of livelihood so as to give Shafik a brighter future.

At the age of 25, he left home join a medical school in London University to pursue oral and dental surgery, and dentistry. Immediately after his masters, he started the practice of his career in England, the course of his practice went on for several years. Currently, he is the senior most officer at Jamati Institutions.

Shafik and Ismaili community
The dentist became famous due to his the success in his work. As a result, the Ismaili community approached him requesting him to join them. Ismaili is a gathering of Muslims who are passionate about research and also offer education on Islamic believes and traditions. In this institution, the doctor is in charge of planning and organizing activities in all the institutions that are under the management of the Ismaili community. The main offices of the community are based in London. Due to his philanthropist nature, Dr. Shafik has played a very vital role in the Institute of Ismaili Studies by assisting Muslims in the marginalized area and making sure that the people do not forget the religious history. He also acts as a mediator between the Ismaili branches and the Aga Khan firms.

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Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Healthcare

The oral and dental surgeon brought into existence the Sussex Healthcare 25 years ago. The doctor who is passionate about assisting the needy started the clinic with the hope of giving medical assistance, food and accommodation to the aged in the community and other young people who suffer from physical and mental disorders. The clinic receives old people and treats the diseases which are associated with old age like diabetes, Alzheimer, joints ache and Atherosclerosis among others. The clinic also offers different kinds of therapies to the patients as one way of making them feel better. To younger patients suffering from mental related diseases like autism, doctors, and nurses at Sussex train and teach them how to feed and identify things in their surroundings.

His achievements
It is evident that he is not only an oral specialist but also a successful investor having being involved in several firms which include; Horsham clinic, Imara HealthCare, at chairperson of FOCUS and he is also a member of AKDN.

Future plans
The dentist plans on expanding the Sussex healthcare to all over the world with an objective of providing free healthcare to the have not’s and thus making their lives better.


The Unicorn Queen: Fashion Designer Doe Deere

Is it better to hide your imperfections, or is it better to embrace self-expression. Cosmetics are great for doing both, but all cosmetic brands are not created equal. This industry consists of high-quality brands as well as low-quality brands. Doe Deere just so happens to be the founder for one of the very best cosmetic brands on the market, and it’s known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime actually came into fruition 10 years ago. This cosmetics line was suppose to be a complimentary addition to Deere’s fashion line. Once Deere saw how popular her new business was, she decided give 100 percent of time and efforts to cosmetics.


Lets rewind time to get a better understanding of Deere’s journey. New York City was her personal destination after leaving Russia. This young woman had a dream of becoming a musician. Thanks to the huge selection of amateur and professional bands in the city, she was able to join one of the area’s up-and-coming bands. This band was also the place to where she fell in love with a band member, and this band member ended-up being her husband of today. These two individuals seemed to complete one another and this bond has continued to this day. Deere decided to take her talents to fashion school and F.I.T. was definitely the place to be. Though she didn’t spend a considerable amount time here, Deere built a solid foundation of knowledge that came in handy just a short time later. Her heart was set on fashion, and fashion was what she accomplished by starting a business on Ebay.


Fashion and makeup goes hand-to-hand. One of her biggest discoveries to date is that there were no bright and dazzling colors on the market. Could this be a mistake? None of the top brands ventured into this realm for whatever reasons. Though her fashion line was doing considerably well, Deere launched her cosmetics line with even more success. In just a short period of time, these cosmetics had gained a huge cult-following. Lime Crime had finally made it to the big leagues, and it was now ready to compete with the big boys. Lime Crime cosmetics were initially being sold at the company’s official website, but as its clientele increased, it can now be purchased from a wide variety of retailors.


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The Impact of Rodrigo’s Rally Driving Career to Him and His Fans

There is nothing as fulfilling as earning from your hobby and talent. Only a few people in the world are confident enough to pursue their interests and get an income from them. Many are just looking for opportunities that are believed to generate a lot of revenue. Rodrigo Terpins have followed the footsteps of his father and decided to choose the course of earning from his talent.

Jack Terpins, Rodrigo’s father has been in the sports field for a long time as a basket player. His success in the sports has gained him respect in the society. Rodrigo Terpins is also excelling in his sports as a rally driver. In fact, Rodrigo says that he is very contented with his career life. The only challenge that he is currently dealing with, being 41 years old and with a family, is balancing work time and family time. He values his family and he understands his victory is only meaningful if his family is there to celebrate with him. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Michel Terpins seems to adore his elder brother because he has decided to pursue rally driving as well. Fortunately, like any other family member, he happens to be good with his sports and very successful. The two brothers race together and have won major races together.

The Terpins brothers have one website that has all the events and interviews they have taken as a duo. They inform their fans of their next race and other crucial things concerning their sporting activities. They also have social pages together, where they post their photos for their supporters to view. Check out Terra to see more.

Rodrigo Terpins also has his website and social pages through which he communicates with this supporters. He values the feedback from his fans and, therefore, ensures his pages are as active as possible.

The rally driving has taught Rodrigo precious life lessons. He has learned to be persistent and be creative in everything he does in life. Through the hard terrains that he has to conquer to come out as the winner, he has learned that it’s the same way life operates. His fans have learned the same lessons by observing his struggle in the field.

How Metrik Real Estate Continues To Achieve Tremendous Growth And Expansion Under The Leadership Of Samuel Strauch

A proficient leader with strong negotiation skills
Samuel Strautch is a well established and highly sought after real estate agent. He founded Metrik Real Estate after more than 14 years of experience within the South Florida property market.

Well educated, Samuel Strauch received his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York, and went on to study at Erasmus University located in Rotterdam and Harvard University. Today, Samuel Strauch leads the pack in successfully acquiring, implementing and brokering new development and real estate business in Miami and South America.
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Establishing foundations in the community and in the world of business
As an entrepreneur, Samuel Strauch credits his business successes to keeping a focus on strengthening his personal relationships. Meeting new people and building connections that last with clients, investors, and other associates in the business is the first thing that a new entrepreneur should develop. This solid approach has proven beneficial for him in expanding a solid client base, finding the right properties, and for coordinating new innovations in this ever evolving industry.
Samuel Strauch, Forming teams with strength of character
Samuel Strauch believes in discovering what individual goals drive a prospective new hire. As a part of his interview process Samuel Strauch starts to build a connection to understand what makes each employee tick. Knowing a persons individual passion and understanding how a person works can be incorporated into discovering how a person will work out in the future. He holds each team member to a rigorous standard of ethics and personal responsibility. Motivation is further developed by dedicating teams to raise funds for charity. Each new team member takes part in the philosophy that a part of a promising life and career can only come from being part of making the world a better place for everyone.

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Securus Technologies: How One Company is Battling the Latest Threat in Our Prison System

Securus Technologies recently received not only an A+ rating (the highest any company can achieve) from the Better Business Bureau, but they receive a formal accreditation from the Bureau. This accreditation comes after years of hard work. The company has strived for years to gain this accreditation and according to Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer, the company is incredibly proud of obtaining this accreditation. He stated that many times in the security technology industry, companies make wild claims about how well their technology works, only to be installed and come up falling short. He says he believes in the strength of the power of achieving such a high rating and a formal accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and all that it stands for.


Securus Technologies is emerging as a leader in the industry of prison security technology. The company has been around for just over a decade, but has already garnered the honor of becoming a leader in the field of prison security. The company has contracted with prisons around the country to provide things like its Wireless Containment Solution. This technology prevents contraband cell phones from being able to make phone calls or from connecting to the internet from inside a prison cell. This is especially dangerous when cell phones fall into the hands of prison inmates with lethal intent.


For example, a former security guard at a correctional institution was enjoying a quiet evening at home when his door was kicked in. An armed man entered his home. The former corrections officer, Robert Johnson, did everything in his power to stop the arm man from reaching his wife, who was sleeping in the back bedroom. The man shot Robert six times in the chest before leaving him for dead. Robert woke up on the bathroom floor and was able to dial emergency services and save his life.


It was found out that the man was contracted to kill Robert. He was called from a contraband cell phone by an inmate that was in prison. The inmate hired a man to kill Robert by placing a call right from his prison cell. Robert is now an employee of Securus Technologies, where he works to stop illegal cell phone use from inside prison walls. He is dedicated to make sure that no other people are victims to crimes being contracted out from inmates that are incarcerated. This is a serious problem that our prison system is facing.

Todd Lubar: A Diverse Entrepreneur

When most people venture out on their own and start a business, they generally have one type of business in mind. However, there are others who have the ability to start multiple types of businesses and have each of them succeed. This has been the case with Arthur Becker, who not only has had great success as a real estate investor, but has also developed numerous high-tech companies, a macadamia nut farm, and various other businesses. And much like Arthur Becker, Todd Lubar has shown the same ability to be a quite diverse entrepreneur. Based on an interview with Todd, it’s clear he and Arthur Becker are indeed two unique businessmen.

According to Patch, whether running a nightclub, a recycling operation, demolition business, or mortgage lending company, Todd Lubar knows all too well what it takes to succeed in today’s business world. Combining his passion for helping others and his desire to take on one challenge after another, Todd has been able to achieve levels of success that rival those of the most successful entrepreneurs of all-time. After graduating from Syracuse University and honing his skills at Crestar Mortgage and Legacy Financial, Todd Lubar set out to be his own boss, and quickly made a name for himself. With his company TDL Ventures, he chose to focus on working with clients who have had difficulty obtaining financing to purchase homes or businesses.

Using his vast number of contacts throughout the business world, Todd Lubar has been able to help client after client realize their dreams of owning a home or business. Having handled more than 7,000 real estate transactions during his stellar career, Todd knows virtually everything there is to know about real estate investments. Because of this, his clients know they can trust his advice and expertise when it comes to these matters. You can visit to see more.

Continuing to always be on the lookout for new opportunities, Todd Lubar is recognized by those in business as one of the top entrepreneurs of his generation. By continuing to help others and start new and innovative businesses, there is no doubt Todd Lubar is indeed a cut above the rest. You can follow their Twitter page.

How Prison Facilities Can Control the Use of Illegal Cell Phones

Robert Johnson has fifteen years of experience working in correctional facilities. His job was to confiscate illegal packages of contraband that were being smuggled into the prisons. One day, he made a big confiscation: He confiscated a package of contraband that was worth fifty thousand dollars. That, however, is not the end of the story.


Two weeks later, Robert got up early in the morning, as usual, to go to work. He heard a big boom, and his door fell in. The intruder came in and shot Robert six times with his gun. The shots were fired from just a few feet away. Robert was shot in the chest and almost died, but miraculously survived.


An ex-convict was arrested and found to be the perpetrator. However, here is where the story gets interesting: The ex-convict was actually recruited by prison inmates who had illegal cell phones and who were mad at Robert for confiscating the contraband.


Robert eventually underwent twenty three surgeries. To this day, he fights and advocates for controlling the use of cell phones in prisons. He testified before the FCC about ways to stop inmates from using cell phones. It isn’t so simple, as the FCC has rules in place about network providers jamming the airwaves.


Johnson now works with Securus Technologies. Securus has developed a technology that allows prison facilities to prevent inmates from making calls on illegal cell phones.


Securus has created a Wireless Containment System technology that basically creates a wireless network around the prison. All calls will be connected to this network, and those who control it can decide whether a call should go through or not. Using this technology, they are able to block calls that are made by unauthorized numbers, except for calls such as 911 calls.


Securus has gone even further and developed yet another aspect of their Wireless Containment System that collects electronic information about cell phones to aid correctional officers in their attempts to solve crimes.


The Wireless Containment System is regarded as the most effective way to prevent inmates from illegally using cell phones. Many states are now adopting this technology in order to keep the jails safe. Other companies have attempted to create similar systems, but those other systems just detect the phone calls and do not actually block them, wasting precious time.