How Prison Facilities Can Control the Use of Illegal Cell Phones

Robert Johnson has fifteen years of experience working in correctional facilities. His job was to confiscate illegal packages of contraband that were being smuggled into the prisons. One day, he made a big confiscation: He confiscated a package of contraband that was worth fifty thousand dollars. That, however, is not the end of the story.


Two weeks later, Robert got up early in the morning, as usual, to go to work. He heard a big boom, and his door fell in. The intruder came in and shot Robert six times with his gun. The shots were fired from just a few feet away. Robert was shot in the chest and almost died, but miraculously survived.


An ex-convict was arrested and found to be the perpetrator. However, here is where the story gets interesting: The ex-convict was actually recruited by prison inmates who had illegal cell phones and who were mad at Robert for confiscating the contraband.


Robert eventually underwent twenty three surgeries. To this day, he fights and advocates for controlling the use of cell phones in prisons. He testified before the FCC about ways to stop inmates from using cell phones. It isn’t so simple, as the FCC has rules in place about network providers jamming the airwaves.


Johnson now works with Securus Technologies. Securus has developed a technology that allows prison facilities to prevent inmates from making calls on illegal cell phones.


Securus has created a Wireless Containment System technology that basically creates a wireless network around the prison. All calls will be connected to this network, and those who control it can decide whether a call should go through or not. Using this technology, they are able to block calls that are made by unauthorized numbers, except for calls such as 911 calls.


Securus has gone even further and developed yet another aspect of their Wireless Containment System that collects electronic information about cell phones to aid correctional officers in their attempts to solve crimes.


The Wireless Containment System is regarded as the most effective way to prevent inmates from illegally using cell phones. Many states are now adopting this technology in order to keep the jails safe. Other companies have attempted to create similar systems, but those other systems just detect the phone calls and do not actually block them, wasting precious time.


As HSBC Brazil Acquisition Winds Down, Bradesco Updates Its Executive Suite

After the momentous acquisition, in 2015, of HSBC Brazil by the banking giant Bradesco, the latter company went through a period of intense integration of all the former assets of HSBC Brazil into the systems of Bradesco. This process took nearly two full years. But it is finally winding to a close.

As a result, the man that put the deal together, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, is nearing the end of the road in his tenure as CEO. At 67, Trabuco Cappi is two years past the maximum age for CEOs that is spelled out in the corporate bylaws. Additionally, Brazil has a strong tradition of elder executives retiring by their 65th birthday.

But such was the importance of Trabuco Cappi’s role in the acquisition deal and such was his intimate knowledge of the acquired company and the best ways to go about integration, that he was personally granted several extensions in his tenure by none other than the symbolic and spiritual figurehead of the company himself, Lazaro Brandao.

At 91 years old, Lazaro Brandao had become something like a spiritual leader of the firm. Few men have ever gained such an exalted reputation and the staunch admiration of a company’s stakeholders than Brandao. For someone who was not involved in the founding of a company, Brandao had an almost mesmerizing effect on people, the kind usually reserved for such brilliant, visionary corporate founders as Sam Walton or Warren Buffett.

Brandao had used his considerable leverage to keep Trabuco Cappi on long past his contractual expiration date. This was not just due to Trabuco Cappi’s intricate knowledge of the HSBC Brazil deal.

Read more: Bradesco to choose board member as new president, says Trabuco

Lazaro Brandao has stated on many occasions that he believes that Trabuco Cappi is among the most influential and important leaders that the bank has ever produced.

In the face of some criticisms from board members and shareholders about his decision to appoint Trabuco Cappi to replace him as chairman of the board, Brandao has stated explicitly that he believes the 67 year old veteran banker is the absolute best man for the job, anywhere in the world.

Who will become the next CEO?

As Trabuco Cappi departs to head up the boardroom, the question remains who will be the next CEO that he appoints as his replacement. At first, there were rumors that Trabuco Cappi would break from tradition and go looking for the next CEO outside the company’s ranks. But he quickly dispelled those rumors himself, stated outright that he had no intention of breaking ranks in his search for the next CEO.

This means that there are seven people who are theoretically eligible to become the next CEO of Brazil’s largest bank. While, at least in theory, all of these candidates have roughly the same chances of being appointed to the top spot at the bank, many experts agree that there are only two real contenders.

Trabuco Cappi is known to be hugely enthusiastic about technology and the role that it can play for Bradesco into the future. He is also known to be a staunch advocate of meritocratic promotion, eschewing the soft qualities, such as seniority or credentials, for the demonstrated traits of on-the-job performance and the ability to boost the corporation’s bottom line.

In this light, it appears as if the next CEO is likely to be Mauricio Minas, the 57 year old IT chief of the firm. Minas played an integral role in the development of the Next online banking platform. He was also a key asset in the bank’s ability to seamlessly meld HSBC Brazil’s IT infrastructure into that of Bradesco.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, just click here.

Research Reveals the Effectiveness of PodcastOne Adverts

In a bid to find out the effectiveness of its advertising strategies, PodcastOne contracted Edison Research to carry out research. In the study, online audience surveys were undertaken before and after launching the campaigns. The study was believed to be instrumental to both PodcastOne and its clients.



The much awaited final results for progressive, inclusive studies of advertising tests are finally out. The results were announced by Podcast executive chairman Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster, the VP of Edison Research strategy. The research covered five different service and product classes for the top five customer brands countrywide. The original study of pre/post promotion brand boost for Podcast promoters was undertaken in the last six months of 2016. The research revealed that there was a notable positive influence of podcast brand recall advertising.



The study revealed that there was an increase in the number of Podcast listeners who referred to a particular grocery brand after an Ad runs up; from seven percent in the pre-study to 60 percent. There was a significant increase in product responsiveness from the pre-study to the post-study. For financial service products, there was a 47 percent increase. For car after-market goods, the increase was by 37 percent. There was a 24 percent increase for the garden and grass products.




In the post-research, over a third of the respondents had a favorable view of car aftermarket merchandise, up from 18 percent in the pre-study ( It was also noted that 22 percent of the interviewees admitted that they were almost convinced about using a lawn or garden product, up from 16 percent in the pre-research. The responses to a particular car promotion advert for the aftermarket increased by 60 percent, while that of an informal restaurant increased by 76 percent.




About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is an American broadcasting entrepreneur who has vast experience in the radio and broadcasting industry. He established various broadcasting networks such as Westwood One, Courtside Entertainment group, and PodcastOne. Pattiz is currently the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne since 23rd June 2016. He served as the CEO of PodcastOne until 23rd June 2016.



Besides his background in broadcasting, Pattiz serves in other national and international organizations. Mr. Norman is the Regent of California University as well as the chairman of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He is a council member of the Foreign Relations and Pacific Council on International Relations. Mr. Norman Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. Norman was also awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Honour.


Mike Baur Quits his Banking Career to Pursue his Passion

Mike Baur Quits his Banking Career to Pursue his Passion

Quitting a very lucrative banking career is not something many are willing to do. Mike Baur, on the other hand, is one of the Swiss businessmen and entrepreneurs who courageously left banking to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas. Mike is one of the co-founders of Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). A company he co-founded with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.

Mike had worked in the Swiss banking industry for over 20 years. He had worked at UBS and Clariden Leu. Due to his passion and contribution in supporting Tech startup companies, Baur is a member of a START summiteer that allows new entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and contents for prizes. This contest takes place at the University of St Galen. Mike was appointed to the position of Deputy Managing Director of CTI after Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI. In 2016, Baur was profiled by Wall Street Journal analyzing his career transition from banking to supporting startup companies.

Mike Baur started his banking at a tender age of 16 as an apprentice. His career in the banking industry was laid out. All the possible promotions were predictable, but Mike did not stick to this path. While in Banking, mike was promoted to a senior advisor position even though he was still below 30 years. Baur worked with top Swiss businesspeople and some of the wealthiest people in the country. He decided to move on with life and follow his passion.

In 2014, Baur decided to quit the banking life and start an incubator type of company that provides mentorship to tech startup companies in the country. This is how Swiss Startup Factory as born. The firm offers premises to new entrepreneurs who have brilliant viable ideas for three months. The rent-free premises are located in Switzerland’s top cities. The incubator programs educate the candidates on how to get investors to fund their ventures. Marketing techniques are also taught. The platform also gives the techie firms with an opportunity to network.

According to Mike, the name factor which appears in their company name is meant to remind the young entrepreneurs that they must work very hard for them to succeed in the business world. It also represents the fact that SSUF is out to create new companies. Swiss Startup Factory is very reliable when funding the startups because it has no political affiliations. It is entirely independent thus funding is not derailed by any form of disagreement among the stakeholders.

What Igor Cornelsen Thinks Is Important for Brazilian Investors

Banking and financial services are two similar industries that are difficult to succeed in, especially upon initial entry. Every country’s – if not every culture’s – financial markets behave in general and respond differently to changes in the markets themselves, news, or current events.

Brazil’s investing and banking markets are no exception to this rule, and are actually more difficult to understand than most other markets.

PR Newswire revealed that fortunately for investors in the fifth-most populated country in the world, Brazil, South American banking expert Igor Cornelsen recently released four tips that every player in anything related to finances in Brazil should know about.

Brazil’s financial markets are largely dependent on their relations with China, the single largest exporter to the Portuguese-speaking country. China also sells tons of finished goods to countries in Latin America, just like Brazil. As such, these two factors weigh heavily on what’s going on with Brazil’s investing opportunities.

Investors interested or already playing in Brazil’s markets should closely keep up with current events and news related to China, Brazil, and Latin America, as well as interactions between the three. Read more: Igor Cornelsen Identifies 5 Ways Businesses Can Organize To Be More Successful and 5 Ways To Make Your Business Healthier: Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen Gives His Insight

Brazil, unfortunately, only has a handful of reputable banks. However, they’re relatively easy to spot, as they’re spread across the entirety of Brazil. Igor Cornelsen advises investors to stay away from local, small, rural banks, as they’re far less likely to hold true to keeping your money, securities, and other assets safe.

Politicians, specifically those involved with finance, haven’t fared well for Brazil in the past few years. Rather than boosting their performance, they’ve actually caused it to decrease, holding especially true for times directly after them making changes in fiscal policy. Keep an eye out for appointments, elections, and changes in economic policy.

Mr. Cornelsen feels strongly that Brazil’s real is a bad currency to invest in. No matter what news media, fellow investors, or financial advisors have to say, stay far, far away from the real.

Nathaniel Ru Provides Healthy Eating Habits through Sweetgreen

When it comes to monitoring a consensus on successful start-ups, Sweetgreen by Nathaniel Ru is a leading startup that has seen the face of positive reviews given its high-quality service delivery. Managed and controlled by Nathaniel Ru, Sweetgreen seeks to provide unparalleled services to clients. Nathaniel Ru is a young entrepreneur who attended the Georgetown University. He majored in business studies and has been instrumental in the industry of hospitality since 2007. He is assisted by two graduates who attended the same school.




To the three individuals, joining the industry of hospitality was an ultimate decision that has won the hearts of many clients across the state. What began as a boutique seasonal kitchen is now a healthy eating platform filled with salads. The restaurant is committed to sustainability as well as focus on local sourcing. Sweetgreen was not built in one day. As students at Georgetown University, the trio was worried about the eventual success or failure of the business.




Faced with the need to establish a good eating parlor, Nathaniel Ru chaired the meeting to guide the team in developing business. This is because the team had issues in finding good eating parlors. Their challenge in facing their quest for companies was determining if the firm would sit on a 560 square foot surface area. The trio also wondered if the idea would work for consumers. Six years into pondering about the eating parlor, the trio has developed a 21-store-farm featuring style and simplicity.




According to Ru, the eatery is a reflection of the modern approach the new world is taking in business. Speaking at an event dubbed globalization in the new era, Nathaniel Ru stated his interest in modernizing Sweetgreen according to the demands of the client. Sweetgreen is a salad parlor that has a branch of stores in various geographical areas. The eatery is a leading food parlor in the suburbs. From Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and New York, Sweetgreen is committed to ensuring that the local members of the stated areas receive healthy meals. Most of the ingredients the chefs use in making local farmers generate the food.


Nathaniel Ru


In an interview with Business Insider, Ru explains the health benefits of dining at Sweetgreen. The young entrepreneur is committed to providing unparalleled eating services for clients. The alumnus of Georgetown University prides himself on being an excellent role model to young entrepreneur with start-ups. He is dedicated to developing various healthy as well as modern menus for consumers.



Insightful facts about Todd Lubar

According to recent research, a significant number of millennials venture into the field of entrepreneurship to benefit the community and give back to them what they achieved. Some entrepreneurs venture into the field to help and develop themselves and acquire fame from their achievements. Contrary to that, most young entrepreneurs in their 50`s prefer to carry out their businesses to gain and raise their finances. On the other hand, entrepreneurs ought to exercise certain traits to ensure that they succeed in their ventures. Individuals interested in venturing into business must be persistent and never give up even at times when they experience failure in their operations.

Additionally, dedication should be critical to every entrepreneur interested in succeeding. They should always find out solutions to all the problems that they experience to prevent them from recurring and pulling the venture back. Besides, entrepreneurs must be persistent and embrace failure as well as is ready to learn from their weaknesses.

According to, Todd Lubar is among the most successful entrepreneurs to learn from due to his excellent leadership traits. He has contributed to the development of many companies that he has managed in the past years and is currently working hard towards developing the TDL Ventures firm in which he serves as the president. Todd Lubar has contributed a lot to the real estate ventures and has helped to revolutionize the state of housing in most places. Through his vast experience, Todd has enabled the TDL Ventures to accomplish most of its goals by providing its customers with unique and attractive housing facilities. Todd is highly determined towards evaluating all the activities and aspects in his business to identify their contributions in the running of the venture.

Besides, innovation is one of the key tactics that Todd uses to keep developing his ventures. He believes that invention of new ideas enables a business to move forward and develop new products to cater for the needs of every customer. Besides, he believes that innovation allows a company to move hand in hand with the ever changing world and avoids being outdated due to the new products brought to the market by the current technology.

Securus Technologies’ Success Trail in Crime Prevention

One the most outstanding principles of Securus Technologies is the belief that success is encrypted on their DNA. They have been able to soar to greater heights with such a vision and always determined to conquer crime keeping the community safe. Achieving the success is coupled with the company’s ability to come up with a new service or product every week. Dealing with cyber crimes can be hard because criminals come up with new ideas day in day out mostly those that are aimed at wiping away all evidence.


For instance, one the clients they worked with before sent an email commending them for their good job. The email which does not have the company’s name or any individual’s names read, “While in the middle of the investigations, one of our staff members suggested that we give your company a call. Your company was able to help us to convert an alert feature that enabled us to take down our main suspect, than you!”


There have been cases such as an inmate calling their sibling and his mother trying to coach them on what to say when asked about the recent shoot out in the community. Securus Technologies has been able to help in getting such information by installing their LBS software. Such conversations help in solving criminal cases in court.


Most clients appreciate the software installed on calls that can help them to monitor calls. The LBS has been instrumental in solving fraudulent cases for companies. With the phone conversations, the evidence is well used in courts with much tussle and hassle of having to question relatives and friends.


Securus Technologies has earned the trust of their clients for the decade they have been in service. This is evident from the emails sent to them by their former clients.


Young Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt Taking The Business World By Storm

Sawyer Howitt is a high school senior from Portland, USA who has a great passion for business and finance. Sawyer, at his young age, is able to realize the requisite needs for business growth, that is, both operational and financial needs, while at the same time maintaining a sound connection with the consumer. Sawyer as a second semester senior has directed his studies and internships in handling business related work such as complex spreadsheets and presentations and note taking during crucial meetings.

In 2017, Sawyer Howitt joined Meriwether Group as a Project Manager. Here he handles projects that are intended to revolutionize business operations in future and how businesses will adapt to upcoming technological advancements in commerce.

Sawyer Howitt is also a Philanthropist and is involved in various philanthropic missions. He’s involved aggressively in mentoring youth on matters business and lobbying for women rights. He is also part of a group known as the international ethnic study group.

In the fall of 2017, Sawyer Howitt is set to join the University of California, Berkeley to advance his career as an Entrepreneur. He will be taking a Degree Program in Entrepreneurial Finance. Sawyer Howitt has learned a lot following mentorship from his father who has been an entrepreneur. He has as well benefited learning from other executives at the Meriwether Group.

Sawyer Howitt understands what it takes to become a successful Young Entrepreneur. He attributes his limitless energy and wide depth of knowledge and experience as his key to success. One thing that has really helped Sawyer become who he is today is his innovative mindset that has enabled him to come up with trending and dynamic ideas that are world changing. He has a good grip on the state of today’s society. Through his philanthropic work at Sawyer Howitt has come to understand the cultural dynamics of the society and now understands how to blend that into the business environment.

Sawyer Howitt advises other young entrepreneurs to use their passion to develop their vision without delaying. Procrastinating will only lead to delayed or missed opportunities. Sawyer acknowledges that the learning process a never ending process and the only fit way to understand them is by practical experience.

Success begins at the Success Academy

Established in 2006, Success Academy has strived to become one of the prominent charter schools in New York City. Founded by Eva Moskowitz a former teacher, college

professor and elected official Success Academy, like other charter schools are held accountable by the state and expected to perform at a high level. 93% of the student body consists of students of color and 73% come from low-income households.


With so many challenges in the world today Success Academy takes pride in its rigorous approach to teaching children how to be critical, independent thinkers. Each student is unique, and Success Academy understands that, their goal is to make students fall in love with learning through exposing them to a mixture of cultures and hands on learning experiences. Success Academy also boasts an open door policy, encouraging parents to take a vital role in their scholar’s future and their path to success.


A variety of field trips throughout the year gives scholars the opportunity to explore New York City. Scholars not only learn valuable lessons through these trips, they also get to experience sights and sounds that might otherwise not have been possible.


Sports are a great way for scholars to learn about teamwork and comradery, the Success Academy has an assortment of sports programs suited for everyone. Enjoying sports and competing against other Success Academy teams will ensure the scholars are

ready for future challenges including college admissions.


The path to a successful life starts with a safe, enriching learning environment. The Success Academy has consistently been among the highest performing schools in New York State. Students are admitted through a random lottery that is held every April.