Duda Melzer as a Leader in Brazil and Abroad

Duda Melzer is a Brazilian family business entrepreneur. In recent years, he’s taken on new roles. Appointed as CEO of Grupo RBS and being the founder of e.Bricks Digital, Duda has many accomplishments to celebrate.His hard work and dedication have resulted in increased business for both companies. Grupo RBS has been around for nearly half a century and was started by Mauricio Sirotsky Melzer, Duda’s grandfather. Over the years, leadership in the CEO position was only recognized by one other person, Duda’s uncle. Duda was very patient in waiting to take on the role and has finally succeeded his uncle.

After restructuring Grupo RBS, Duda Melzer began e.Bricks Digital. This company provides venture capital funding to businesses that are trying to gain a presence online. With Duda’s experience as both a financial analyst and leader of a major media outlet, this has been a rather successful endeavor. In just a little over a year, e.Bricks Digital funded 100 million to businesses. They continued along the same strong path and have funded over 300 million to date. This arrangement not only grows Duda Melzer’s portfolio but also gives businesses an additional new stream of revenue. You can visit Valor to know more.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer studied in both Brazil and the US. He most recently earned an MBA from Harvard University. He’s continued his education with Harvard through classes to enrich his particular areas of interest in family enterprise and media. He’s also worked not only in Brazil but also in the US. Duda was also able to expand his family business of Grupo RBS through his connections in the US. These connections have proved to be long time relationships that are mutually beneficial. Among these contacts are some of the most influential American business experts. Duda himself is clearly on a path to becoming a recognized leader in Brazil and abroad.

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Understanding the groundbreaking work of leading oncologist, Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned professor and researcher in the fields of oncology with a specialization in aging and cancer. He studied at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg where he graduated with an MD in Internal Medicine as well as a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology. Starting in 2002, he was an associate professor of medicine at the New York Medical College. He then went to work at the Ordway Research Institute as a senior scientist before joining the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as the Professor of Oncology in 2009. Over the years, Dr. Blagosklonny has gained considerable experience and expertise in the field of oncology.

One of the most groundbreaking works that the professor has been involved in regards the role that TOR signaling plays in cancer and aging. As such, he formulated a hypothesis that sought to use rapamycin as a life extension treatment. The drug rapamycin is commonly used for treating cancer. From the research that Blagosklonny has carried out, he has become a passionate advocate for the use rapamycin to reduce the effects of aging. Visit classroomvoices.org to read more about Mikhail.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is also a vociferous author. He has published various pieces of research that have appeared in numerous peer-reviewed journals around the world in his field. This has led him to become one of the most cited scientists in his field as peers understand the value and quality of his work. In one of his most famous works, he writes that there is an anti-aging drug that can be found on the market in the present day. Prior to this finding, aging in human beings had long been believed to be caused by unstoppable molecular damage which caused functional decline. However, the drug rapamycin has recently been found to have the ability to rejuvenate immunity against molecular damage. In this manner, the aging process can be slowed down. When the drug is used in an appropriate manner such as in the correct doses and schedules, diseases and aging can be prevented. This would mark a turning point for the world as we know it as it would result in a longer and healthier lifespan for human beings.

According to Blagosklonny, his desire to see the world rid of suffering has motivated him to put in hard work to find possible solutions to the problems he encounters. Owing to his training and experience, he has dedicated his life to fighting both aging and cancer. His firm belief that rapamycin is an effective drug in both these aspects have led him to perform extensive research to confirm his hypothesis. When the history books of the world are written, the extraordinary work of Mikhail Blagosklonny in fighting against cancer and aging will feature prominently.

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Shedding light on Securus Technology

Securus Technology, which was founded in 1986, is a for-profit prison technology company. It has its offices located in Georgia, Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. The firm has contracts with over 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States and has over 1000 employees. In 2016, the company made an announcement that it has invested over $600 million in technologies, acquisition’s, and patent in the past three years. The aim of the company is to make commodities that will be used in the correctional facilities as well as law centers so as to get any detail of unlawful activities that might be taking place. Thus, this is the reason that they work with correctional facilities to gather information on criminal activities and help stop before they take place.


Securus gives technical solutions that are straightforward and powerful that are accessible and simple to use while ensuring that it offers the best customer service. The firm offers numerous services like connecting friends and families to their loved ones who have been incarcerated, giving personal and critical information to connection facilities, connecting those who are incarcerated with technology. It also helps to connect to investigation leads, connecting emergency dispatchers and responders to those who are in need, and management of information so as to make the world a better and safer place. The firm has the best tools that help analyze data, biometric identification, and finding verification solutions. These tools are used to analyze extensive data so as to give focus leads on demands and actionable intelligence. The firm had experience and used the modern tools to offer information on management, communication, and inmate service. Thus, this ensures that both the prisoners and their families have gotten the best experience.


About Companies Customers Commenting On the Use of Technology


Securus announced in April 2015 that it had signed a definitive Stock Purchase Agreement to get JPay Inc. Jpay is a leading market technology firm that introduced electronic payments, host of entertainment, and email. The company also created corrections space, and it operated in 33 state prison system. The transaction between Securus and Jpay has transformed the company, and Rick Smith who is the CEO of Securus Technologies announced that Securus has become the fastest growing segments in corrections which can be able to offer almost any high technology software that is required to operate new prison cell. The two firms working together give the best price, quality products, and the best security while reducing recidivism.


Securus, choose Jpay which is one of the best service providers in the industry so as to ensure that they have given the best solution to the inmates and the law enforcements. Since Jpay has been doing a good job and strives to keep up with technology, Securus knew that this is the type of firm that they want to connect with so as to improve its services.



Roberto Santiago and his Love for Malls

58-year old Roberto Santiago is the owner of two shopping malls in the Brazilian city of Joao Pessoa. A businessman for many years, Santiago started his entrepreneurial journey with a cartonnage company while still young. For his education, Roberto Santiago attended the X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago would, later on, build his first mall, the Manaira shopping mall. He purchased the land where the mall stands in 1987 and construction took two years before official opening took place in 1989. As the largest mall in Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping boasts many amenities and serves as a tourist site in the city. Several expansion projects have seen the mall expand into the magnificent architectural masterpiece that it is now. Its Domus hall located on the rooftop is a unique large space that can be used to host concerts, conferences, weddings, graduation ceremonies, exhibits and even fairs. It has a capacity of 10,000 standing and 4,000 sitting. Manaira shopping mall is currently one of the largest malls in Brazil and has provided many job opportunities for the residents of Joao Pessoa. Additionally, thanks to the presence of Domus Hall, the city has hosted several international artists and marked Joao Pessoa as a famous music and tourist destination.

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Manaira mall also hosts a gym, food court, various shopping stores, gaming area, theater, financial institutions and even a college. Visitors to the mall are not short of entertainment spots with a gaming zone also consisting of a bowling alley and a movie theater that showcases the latest movies. With its many restaurants and high-end dining facilities such as Espaco Gourmet and Capital Steakhouse, the mall serves people from all walks of life making it a stop for many people. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba

Mangabeira Shopping

In addition to Manaira mall, in November 2014, Roberto Santiago’s Mangabeira Shopping mall was also opened to the public. The mall is also located in his home city of Joao Pessoa and boasts modern architecture. Managabeira Shopping took two and a half years to construct. The mall has 280 stores and 75,000 square meters of gross lettable area. The mall also has many restaurants, a movie theater, and recreational centers such as a gaming zone fit for the entire family. Just like Manaira mall, Mangabeira Shopping has also created many employment opportunities for the residents of Joao Pessoa.

Using his malls, Roberto Santiago has contributed significantly to the economic growth of Joao Pessoa. These malls have attracted many corporations to the city and led to the relocation of some from other cities. As such, the malls do not only serve an economic role but also a social role given that many residents of the city visit them for social calls. Given his love for building malls, he might just surprise us with another mall in future.