How Prison Facilities Can Control the Use of Illegal Cell Phones

Robert Johnson has fifteen years of experience working in correctional facilities. His job was to confiscate illegal packages of contraband that were being smuggled into the prisons. One day, he made a big confiscation: He confiscated a package of contraband that was worth fifty thousand dollars. That, however, is not the end of the story.


Two weeks later, Robert got up early in the morning, as usual, to go to work. He heard a big boom, and his door fell in. The intruder came in and shot Robert six times with his gun. The shots were fired from just a few feet away. Robert was shot in the chest and almost died, but miraculously survived.


An ex-convict was arrested and found to be the perpetrator. However, here is where the story gets interesting: The ex-convict was actually recruited by prison inmates who had illegal cell phones and who were mad at Robert for confiscating the contraband.


Robert eventually underwent twenty three surgeries. To this day, he fights and advocates for controlling the use of cell phones in prisons. He testified before the FCC about ways to stop inmates from using cell phones. It isn’t so simple, as the FCC has rules in place about network providers jamming the airwaves.


Johnson now works with Securus Technologies. Securus has developed a technology that allows prison facilities to prevent inmates from making calls on illegal cell phones.


Securus has created a Wireless Containment System technology that basically creates a wireless network around the prison. All calls will be connected to this network, and those who control it can decide whether a call should go through or not. Using this technology, they are able to block calls that are made by unauthorized numbers, except for calls such as 911 calls.


Securus has gone even further and developed yet another aspect of their Wireless Containment System that collects electronic information about cell phones to aid correctional officers in their attempts to solve crimes.


The Wireless Containment System is regarded as the most effective way to prevent inmates from illegally using cell phones. Many states are now adopting this technology in order to keep the jails safe. Other companies have attempted to create similar systems, but those other systems just detect the phone calls and do not actually block them, wasting precious time.


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