Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a Tanzanian by birth. The physician who was born in 1950 undertook his basic education in his home country. A few years later, the parents of the successful entrepreneur migrated to the USA in search of livelihood so as to give Shafik a brighter future.

At the age of 25, he left home join a medical school in London University to pursue oral and dental surgery, and dentistry. Immediately after his masters, he started the practice of his career in England, the course of his practice went on for several years. Currently, he is the senior most officer at Jamati Institutions.

Shafik and Ismaili community
The dentist became famous due to his the success in his work. As a result, the Ismaili community approached him requesting him to join them. Ismaili is a gathering of Muslims who are passionate about research and also offer education on Islamic believes and traditions. In this institution, the doctor is in charge of planning and organizing activities in all the institutions that are under the management of the Ismaili community. The main offices of the community are based in London. Due to his philanthropist nature, Dr. Shafik has played a very vital role in the Institute of Ismaili Studies by assisting Muslims in the marginalized area and making sure that the people do not forget the religious history. He also acts as a mediator between the Ismaili branches and the Aga Khan firms.

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Shafik Sachedina and Sussex Healthcare

The oral and dental surgeon brought into existence the Sussex Healthcare 25 years ago. The doctor who is passionate about assisting the needy started the clinic with the hope of giving medical assistance, food and accommodation to the aged in the community and other young people who suffer from physical and mental disorders. The clinic receives old people and treats the diseases which are associated with old age like diabetes, Alzheimer, joints ache and Atherosclerosis among others. The clinic also offers different kinds of therapies to the patients as one way of making them feel better. To younger patients suffering from mental related diseases like autism, doctors, and nurses at Sussex train and teach them how to feed and identify things in their surroundings.

His achievements
It is evident that he is not only an oral specialist but also a successful investor having being involved in several firms which include; Horsham clinic, Imara HealthCare, at chairperson of FOCUS and he is also a member of AKDN.

Future plans
The dentist plans on expanding the Sussex healthcare to all over the world with an objective of providing free healthcare to the have not’s and thus making their lives better.


Why We Love Betsy Devos

– How Betsy DeVos Stood Her Ground

You may have been watching the news lately. Don’t be surprised at what’s going on within Capitol Hill. The world is rapidly changing, and we’re actually honored to have women like Betsy DeVos leading a path for many to follow. This specific path is one within education, and it’s being managed on a national level by none other than Betsy DeVos.

It was only months ago when the President of the United States himself honored the world by appointing Betsy DeVos as the U.S. Secretary of Education. And what this means for the country are amazing changes that will improve what we can do to the education of our children. It’s Betsy who’s been involved with education for so long now. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

And today, her work is paying off in a tremendous fashion.

– Ask Anything, and Here’s What You Get

Well, tremendous is not even close to how the Senate Education Committee felt about this beloved leader in the United States. But, you can’t expect every innovation to be implemented with ease. When your ideas and beliefs challenge those around you, you will have to know that it means to stand your ground.

Standing firm is exactly what Betsy DeVos did, and with the power of a mighty fist.

When question after question were asked and for every topic regarding education, Betsy stood firm. And she needed to seeing as she wasn’t “given the light of day.” But don’t get us wrong by saying this. The fact that Betsy faced opposition in recent weeks is clear proof.

When progress moves with the norm, no one is shocked or amazed.

When challenges to the status quo come, many run and panic with unjustifiable fear. So we thank Betsy for her input and the impact its making. We also leave her in our prayers. Part of Betsy’s main goal is to reform public schools into private facilities. But what this means may be hard to grasp. Read more articles at about Betsy.

You see, the ideas currently pursued by Betsy DeVos require that vouchers be giving to children and their families. As different as this may sound, Betsy’s ambition is to have the government pay for it.

George Soros Supports People in the United States

The point of the Democratic Party is to make sure that the people are taken care of and that they have all of the rights that they need to be able to succeed. This is something that George Soros supports the Democratic Party for and something that he knows he is going to be able to do no matter what is going on with the country. He believes that a good country is one that has a lot of options for people who are in different situations. He also knows that it is important for people to be able to get what they need from their government.

With the recent election, George Soros is beginning to see that there are many problems with the Republican party and the people who are in charge of it. Despite the fact that many people did not have support for the candidate, he was still able to win. There were not a lot of people who would be able to get what they wanted out of the election and the majority of those were the ones who believed that they should have a lot of rights as citizens of the United States.

George Soros is a very wealthy many but he does not squander it in the way that some people do. Instead, he has chosen to use it to make the country better so that people will be able to have all of the rights that they deserve. He donates a lot of time and money to causes that were created to make the country a better place. He believes that if he is able to educate people on the right things to do, he will be able to make their lives better while also making the country a better place.

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Above all, George Soros believes in education. Not only does he believe in education in a traditional sense but he believes that if people are educated, they will be able to vote more easily. He wants people to learn as much as they can about politics as well as the candidates that they have available. While he is a strong supporter of the Democrats, he knows that it is important to teach people to learn all of the options that they have so that they will be able to make the most informed decisions possible. He doesn’t try to sway decisions but, instead, tries to sway people to vote. Know more on about George Soros.

Since he has been donating money and time, he has shown people that there are more things that they have available to them. This is something that has allowed him the chance to teach more people about the different opportunities that they have. He also wants to show them that they are able to get what they can out of different situations and that is something that he is very good at. If people are able to vote with well-informed opinions, the country will benefit from the voting and will have a chance at surviving. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Dick DeVos Makes Known What He’s Given In Lifetime To Non-Profits

Dick DeVos has taken a great deal of pride in how he’s given his money to charities in Grand Rapids, but he’s never been one to be ostentatious about it. He’s the Chairman of The Windquest Group which has supported some of his philanthropies and has been a catalyst for many businesses in Michigan, and he’s been on the board of many think tanks that the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation also supports. His wife Betsy was chosen by President Donald Trump to be Secretary of Education thanks to the reform work that she and Dick have done, and in light of this nomination the DeVos’s finally disclosed that they have given around $139 million in their lifetime to charity, and much of this excludes political candidates they’ve donated to.


Dick is the son of Richard DeVos Sr., the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is a multilevel marketing company that has helped many independent business owners establish their own sales businesses through reselling various consumer products. Dick developed quite a business acumen growing up, and after completing his degree at Northwood University he went to work under his father. He became a company vice president in 1984 and helped launch offices overseas. He briefly left the company in 1990 and founded The Windquest Group around that same time. He served in that position until 2002 when he left to focus on running The Windquest Group.


The DeVos’s have given to several private schools including Potter’s House and Grand Rapids Christian School, and they’ve also established scholarship funds through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation. They did try to start a program to establish school voucher and tax credit credits if passed in legislation, but it came up short of the needed votes. They did successfully start a charter school coalition at the Great Lakes Project, and later started a charter school of their own called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Dick and Betsy also have given to children’s hospitals, and Dick was given the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Award of Giving in 2006.


Dick and Betsy have also run for office several times including Betsy’s time as the Michigan Republican Party chairperson and Dick’s bid for the governorship in the 2006 election. He came up short in that race to incumbent Jennifer Granholm but continued to fight at the ground level for conservative changes. In 2012 his efforts paid off with the passing of a right-to-work law. Dick has shared some insights to his principles and beliefs through his book Rediscovering American Values.