The Lung Institute Makes Developments in Stem Cell Therapy

On November 2015, an international conference was held in Padua, Italy. It was about Stem Cell Therapy where Dr. Jack Coleman, Jr. M.D. represented the Lung Institute. Most of the discussion was about the current usage of stem cells, and how they can make a difference in future. Dr. Coleman explained that traditional approach of medicine science is becoming outdated. A new approach is vital for proper usage of Stem Cell Therapy. According to him, the procedure for introducing a medicine or instrument in the United States is expensive, cumbersome, and slow.

Dr. Coleman also described the conventional ways of functioning and funding of research. It is a long process when a treatment reaches to a clinic or hospital from laboratory. That process that involves regulating a new treatment has a cost and implementing it takes time. Dr. Coleman said that the outdated process had become a hindrance to the development of medicine science. He also presented a comparison of US healthcare system with the healthcare systems of other countries, and the solutions those countries introduced for better results and patient care.

The Lung Institute is an innovative leader in providing stem cell therapies through regenerative medicine for lung disease.  The quality of life gets physically and mentally disturbed for patients who have respiratory problems like interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Such people face difficulties in doing simple tasks like cooking dinner, taking a shower, walking to the mailbox.

Traditional treatments have problems like side effects. They only relieve symptoms instead of addressing the disease. The Lung developed the protocol of Stem Cell Therapy due to ineffective treatments available. From the patient’s body, autologous stem cells are derived which are used for harnessing the healing ability of patient’s body. It is a new form of treatment which has a remarkable ability to relieve lung disease symptoms. It addresses the progression with the minimum invasive procedure. The clinical facilities of the Lung Institute are in different states like Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Follow the Lung Institute on Twitter.

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