Securus Technologies Assisting in Restricting the Use of Contraband Phones

Securus Technologies is a company that is built on quality and innovation, and as a leading correctional firm in the United States, it has contributed a lot to the sector. Securus Technologies has not only built some of the best correctional technologies but has also ensured that the customers get value for money and complete satisfaction. One of the new services that the company recently launched is the wireless containment solution, which would help the prison authorities to keep the contraband phones away from the facility. As the use of contraband phones is prohibited in prison, it is natural for the authorities to try and find ways to keep contraband phones at bay from the correctional facilities. Since the contraband phones can be used to organize many criminal activities and allow the inmates to get in touch with their people outside the prison, it can cause severe problems for the prison officials and the society as a whole.


Securus Technologies’ wireless containment solutions are the only such technology that is accepted and approved currently by the authorities. The FCC has promised that it would soon ease the load of paperwork and formalities needed to install wireless containment solutions in more prisons. Recently, there was a video that went viral on the internet. It was a video that was taken by an inmate on his contraband phone, which he later posted on Facebook. It was embarrassing for the prison authorities, but also revealed the scale to which the contraband phones menace has reached. Securus Technologies wants to ensure that the illegal communications from the prison facilities are restricted because it is how a safer environment can be promised for the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers. But, it is not just sharing the videos online; the contraband phones have also been used to organize murders and that too of the prison officials who did not meet the demands of the inmates. It is no hidden fact that the inmates sometimes blackmail the prison officials and force them to do something for them. Since the officials know that they do not have any option, they have to do it fearing for the lives of their family members.


The wireless containment system developed by Securus Technologies is an advanced system that has seemed to stop all doors for the inmates to use the contraband phones for their illegal activities. Since only pre-approved numbers can make calls through their network, all the contraband cell phones are useless inside the prison. More prisons are in line waiting for the installation of the system and have already created a panic mode among the inmates after they have come to know what the new system can do.



Securus Technologies: How One Company is Battling the Latest Threat in Our Prison System

Securus Technologies recently received not only an A+ rating (the highest any company can achieve) from the Better Business Bureau, but they receive a formal accreditation from the Bureau. This accreditation comes after years of hard work. The company has strived for years to gain this accreditation and according to Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer, the company is incredibly proud of obtaining this accreditation. He stated that many times in the security technology industry, companies make wild claims about how well their technology works, only to be installed and come up falling short. He says he believes in the strength of the power of achieving such a high rating and a formal accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and all that it stands for.


Securus Technologies is emerging as a leader in the industry of prison security technology. The company has been around for just over a decade, but has already garnered the honor of becoming a leader in the field of prison security. The company has contracted with prisons around the country to provide things like its Wireless Containment Solution. This technology prevents contraband cell phones from being able to make phone calls or from connecting to the internet from inside a prison cell. This is especially dangerous when cell phones fall into the hands of prison inmates with lethal intent.


For example, a former security guard at a correctional institution was enjoying a quiet evening at home when his door was kicked in. An armed man entered his home. The former corrections officer, Robert Johnson, did everything in his power to stop the arm man from reaching his wife, who was sleeping in the back bedroom. The man shot Robert six times in the chest before leaving him for dead. Robert woke up on the bathroom floor and was able to dial emergency services and save his life.


It was found out that the man was contracted to kill Robert. He was called from a contraband cell phone by an inmate that was in prison. The inmate hired a man to kill Robert by placing a call right from his prison cell. Robert is now an employee of Securus Technologies, where he works to stop illegal cell phone use from inside prison walls. He is dedicated to make sure that no other people are victims to crimes being contracted out from inmates that are incarcerated. This is a serious problem that our prison system is facing.

How Prison Facilities Can Control the Use of Illegal Cell Phones

Robert Johnson has fifteen years of experience working in correctional facilities. His job was to confiscate illegal packages of contraband that were being smuggled into the prisons. One day, he made a big confiscation: He confiscated a package of contraband that was worth fifty thousand dollars. That, however, is not the end of the story.


Two weeks later, Robert got up early in the morning, as usual, to go to work. He heard a big boom, and his door fell in. The intruder came in and shot Robert six times with his gun. The shots were fired from just a few feet away. Robert was shot in the chest and almost died, but miraculously survived.


An ex-convict was arrested and found to be the perpetrator. However, here is where the story gets interesting: The ex-convict was actually recruited by prison inmates who had illegal cell phones and who were mad at Robert for confiscating the contraband.


Robert eventually underwent twenty three surgeries. To this day, he fights and advocates for controlling the use of cell phones in prisons. He testified before the FCC about ways to stop inmates from using cell phones. It isn’t so simple, as the FCC has rules in place about network providers jamming the airwaves.


Johnson now works with Securus Technologies. Securus has developed a technology that allows prison facilities to prevent inmates from making calls on illegal cell phones.


Securus has created a Wireless Containment System technology that basically creates a wireless network around the prison. All calls will be connected to this network, and those who control it can decide whether a call should go through or not. Using this technology, they are able to block calls that are made by unauthorized numbers, except for calls such as 911 calls.


Securus has gone even further and developed yet another aspect of their Wireless Containment System that collects electronic information about cell phones to aid correctional officers in their attempts to solve crimes.


The Wireless Containment System is regarded as the most effective way to prevent inmates from illegally using cell phones. Many states are now adopting this technology in order to keep the jails safe. Other companies have attempted to create similar systems, but those other systems just detect the phone calls and do not actually block them, wasting precious time.


Securus Technologies’ Success Trail in Crime Prevention

One the most outstanding principles of Securus Technologies is the belief that success is encrypted on their DNA. They have been able to soar to greater heights with such a vision and always determined to conquer crime keeping the community safe. Achieving the success is coupled with the company’s ability to come up with a new service or product every week. Dealing with cyber crimes can be hard because criminals come up with new ideas day in day out mostly those that are aimed at wiping away all evidence.


For instance, one the clients they worked with before sent an email commending them for their good job. The email which does not have the company’s name or any individual’s names read, “While in the middle of the investigations, one of our staff members suggested that we give your company a call. Your company was able to help us to convert an alert feature that enabled us to take down our main suspect, than you!”


There have been cases such as an inmate calling their sibling and his mother trying to coach them on what to say when asked about the recent shoot out in the community. Securus Technologies has been able to help in getting such information by installing their LBS software. Such conversations help in solving criminal cases in court.


Most clients appreciate the software installed on calls that can help them to monitor calls. The LBS has been instrumental in solving fraudulent cases for companies. With the phone conversations, the evidence is well used in courts with much tussle and hassle of having to question relatives and friends.


Securus Technologies has earned the trust of their clients for the decade they have been in service. This is evident from the emails sent to them by their former clients.


Shedding light on Securus Technology

Securus Technology, which was founded in 1986, is a for-profit prison technology company. It has its offices located in Georgia, Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. The firm has contracts with over 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States and has over 1000 employees. In 2016, the company made an announcement that it has invested over $600 million in technologies, acquisition’s, and patent in the past three years. The aim of the company is to make commodities that will be used in the correctional facilities as well as law centers so as to get any detail of unlawful activities that might be taking place. Thus, this is the reason that they work with correctional facilities to gather information on criminal activities and help stop before they take place.


Securus gives technical solutions that are straightforward and powerful that are accessible and simple to use while ensuring that it offers the best customer service. The firm offers numerous services like connecting friends and families to their loved ones who have been incarcerated, giving personal and critical information to connection facilities, connecting those who are incarcerated with technology. It also helps to connect to investigation leads, connecting emergency dispatchers and responders to those who are in need, and management of information so as to make the world a better and safer place. The firm has the best tools that help analyze data, biometric identification, and finding verification solutions. These tools are used to analyze extensive data so as to give focus leads on demands and actionable intelligence. The firm had experience and used the modern tools to offer information on management, communication, and inmate service. Thus, this ensures that both the prisoners and their families have gotten the best experience.


About Companies Customers Commenting On the Use of Technology


Securus announced in April 2015 that it had signed a definitive Stock Purchase Agreement to get JPay Inc. Jpay is a leading market technology firm that introduced electronic payments, host of entertainment, and email. The company also created corrections space, and it operated in 33 state prison system. The transaction between Securus and Jpay has transformed the company, and Rick Smith who is the CEO of Securus Technologies announced that Securus has become the fastest growing segments in corrections which can be able to offer almost any high technology software that is required to operate new prison cell. The two firms working together give the best price, quality products, and the best security while reducing recidivism.


Securus, choose Jpay which is one of the best service providers in the industry so as to ensure that they have given the best solution to the inmates and the law enforcements. Since Jpay has been doing a good job and strives to keep up with technology, Securus knew that this is the type of firm that they want to connect with so as to improve its services.



Securus Technologies Helping Catch Corrupt Staff Members and Changing the Lives of Inmates

Most people think that the fight against crime ends with the inmate being captured and sent to the correctional facility. But, this isn’t true. Even the correctional facilities have to be monitored as many inmates do not stop their illegal activities and make the facility their crime lab. This is where companies such as Securus Technologies comes into play and plays a significant role in keeping the prisons and prisons safe.



Securus Technologies offers a broad range of technology solutions like detainee communications, government information management, and parolee tracking systems. It provides its services to more than 2,600 correctional facilities across different states. It has also started to provide its services to other countries like Mexico, Canada, and Columbia.



Working in a correctional facility, we have come across a number of incidents that could have easily gone out of hand if it wasn’t for Securus. I work in a correctional facility and using their technology, we have been able to find out the corrupted staff members that have been helping the inmates carry out illegal activities. This was done after the contraband was introduced in our facility. So far, we have already charged two members who otherwise would have been an upstanding citizen, and we would have never suspected them of such crimes.



Not just that, our correctional facility also uses their technological products to provide entertainment and educational services to our inmates. Many of our inmates have been able to use these services and benefitted immensely. They are also able to stay in connection with their loved ones that give them strength to leave the life of a criminal and turn a new leaf once they exit the facility after their term is over. I have personally seen Securus Technology changing the lives of the inmates for the better.