Young Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt Taking The Business World By Storm

Sawyer Howitt is a high school senior from Portland, USA who has a great passion for business and finance. Sawyer, at his young age, is able to realize the requisite needs for business growth, that is, both operational and financial needs, while at the same time maintaining a sound connection with the consumer. Sawyer as a second semester senior has directed his studies and internships in handling business related work such as complex spreadsheets and presentations and note taking during crucial meetings.

In 2017, Sawyer Howitt joined Meriwether Group as a Project Manager. Here he handles projects that are intended to revolutionize business operations in future and how businesses will adapt to upcoming technological advancements in commerce.

Sawyer Howitt is also a Philanthropist and is involved in various philanthropic missions. He’s involved aggressively in mentoring youth on matters business and lobbying for women rights. He is also part of a group known as the international ethnic study group.

In the fall of 2017, Sawyer Howitt is set to join the University of California, Berkeley to advance his career as an Entrepreneur. He will be taking a Degree Program in Entrepreneurial Finance. Sawyer Howitt has learned a lot following mentorship from his father who has been an entrepreneur. He has as well benefited learning from other executives at the Meriwether Group.

Sawyer Howitt understands what it takes to become a successful Young Entrepreneur. He attributes his limitless energy and wide depth of knowledge and experience as his key to success. One thing that has really helped Sawyer become who he is today is his innovative mindset that has enabled him to come up with trending and dynamic ideas that are world changing. He has a good grip on the state of today’s society. Through his philanthropic work at Sawyer Howitt has come to understand the cultural dynamics of the society and now understands how to blend that into the business environment.

Sawyer Howitt advises other young entrepreneurs to use their passion to develop their vision without delaying. Procrastinating will only lead to delayed or missed opportunities. Sawyer acknowledges that the learning process a never ending process and the only fit way to understand them is by practical experience.